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School of Advanced Research seminar on the values and beliefs that underlie forensic exhumation

School for Advanced Research


Disturbing Bodies: A Relational Exploration of Forensic Archaeological Practice

Advanced Seminar

March 25–29, 2012

The last 20 years have witnessed the judicial and humanitarian excavation of human remains on an unprecedented scale. While the technical literature on the detection and excavation of mass graves has developed rapidly, it is only recently that forensic archaeologists have started to consider the ethics of exhumation. This seminar will bring together scholars and practitioners who work on issues related to the excavation of mass graves across the globe, including Guatemala, Cyprus, Spain, Argentina, and the former Soviet Union. The aim is to discuss the values and beliefs that underlie forensic exhumation, and to explore the tensions that arise in the practice of forensic archaeological work.


Zoë Crossland, Chair Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University

Rosemary A. Joyce, Chair Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley 


Sponsored by Paloheimo Foundation.